130 mins easyRest45 mins easyRest30 mins easyRest1 hour run/walk
240 mins easyRest50 mins easyRest40 mins inc 10×2 mins fastRest/Jog1.25 hour easy
330 mins easyRest1 hour easyRest40 mins inc 6×2 mins fastRest/Jog1.5 hour very easy
430 mins easyRest1 hour easyRest30 mins easyRest1 hour run/walk
530 mins easy1 hourRest15 mins w/uRest30 mins easy1.75 hours
640 mins easyRest70 mins easyFast w/dW/u 5×3 mins, fast w/dRest2 hours easy
720 minsW/u 15×9 secFast w/dRestRestRest30 mins faster2.25 hours very easy
830 mins easy40 mins easy1 hour steady80 mins easy30 mins easyRest2.5 hours or 3 hours run/walk
9Rest30 mins75 mins easyRest30 mins easyRest/ JogRest
10Rest40 mins easy1.5 hours very easyRest1 hourRest2 hours
11Rest30 mins easy1 hourRest1 hourRestHalf marathon
12RestRest40 minsRestRest1.5 hours easy.

Speed Play Training involves changing the speed at which you run throughout your training session.
Super Slow Really, really slow, so slow it hardly seems worth putting your kit on.
Easy Jog No pressure, just loosening up or a recovery run.
Slow Still a slow pace but a little faster than an ‘easy jog’.
Comfortable You can chat easily to your training partner and keep the pace consistent.
Steady Even-paced run where you can chat in short sentences.
Brisk Slightly breathless, not easy to hold any conversation with your training partner.
Hard You certainly know you’re working, conversation is definitely out.

W/U Warm up.
W/D Warm down.